“You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know”

Have you heard the saying?

“You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know”?
We live in the Information Age… So, there is obviously a lot of Information we don’t know and a lot we can learn… Learning new skills and improving knowledge is extremely important and has almost become a sport, where people are learning at rapid speeds, improving their IQ like never before and trying to be the best of the best in their field …
So why is it that in this rapid knowledge and Information age most people are not moving forward, not happier, not fulfilled, anxiety levels and depression are through the roof???
It’s because they are over loading their Conscious Mind and Ignoring their Subconscious Mind…

Now I’m a prime example of this… for years I pushed and pushed, learned and learned but never seemed to be truly happy or content. I thought money, cars, houses etc would solve all that (Nope), in fact the more I learned and the harder I pushed the worse I felt (WTF)… then I would sabotage myself with alcohol to change my state and numb out the noise and pressures that I had created for myself…

I felt shit and confused but was too proud to admit it

Well the emotional pain got so much, and the drinking got so bad, that I had to find help.

I would say things like “what is wrong with me”, “I work so hard”, “I’m trying so hard”, “I’m a good person”, “it shouldn’t be so hard”…

So back to the saying “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know”

What I didn’t know was all my Subconscious negative beliefs that had been formed over my whole life from a baby through to an adult …

See I lived and listened to my Conscious Mind 99% of the time and ignored my Subconscious feelings, just pushed them down, told myself to harden up, get on with it, push through … The fact that I didn’t listen to my feelings or seek to understand what or why I felt like this is the single biggest reason my life was spiraling downward no matter how hard I tried…

So, what I have done and wish to encourage others to do is start a journey of Self Discovery and knowing your True Self first… (Sounds all hippy and airy fairy, but bear with me for a minute)

Everything we have experienced in life from birth, before birth, child, teenager and adult has formed who we all are, what we believe and how we act…

This could be things like:
– our parents having a fight about Money while you were a baby (Fear of Money)
– getting picked last for a sports team (Feeling Not Good Enough)
– an ex-partner cheating on (Feeling Un-Lovable)

These Experiences and Events in our lives cause Emotional reactions, some small and some big, some you are aware of but a lot you are not aware of due to age or you thought it was insignificant at the time … However big all small they all form our Habits, Belief Systems, Behaviors and Emotions which forms who we are today…

Here’s the thing … if you “don’t know” what past events and experiences that have formed your “negative subconscious beliefs” then it’s understandable why most people feel confused, frustrated, anxious and stuck.

On my journey of self-discovery, I feel Grateful and Privileged to have been introduced to Pip McKay who has poured here life’s work into helping people clear negative beliefs by changing Neural Pathways from past experiences in your subconscious … These processes are changing my life and helped me find new Passion and Purpose in life… I’m looking forward to completing Pips Coaching Program and then helping other people go through this transformation… I have just returned from completing Matrix Therapies Coaching in Sydney… Such an un-explainable experience

I encourage you all to focus on yourself first, declutter your life, heal past emotions, un-learn negative beliefs and if needed seek help from a professional …

Everyone deserves to be Happy 😊

Greg Gillies

Greg Gillies is a Personal Transformation and Business Coach. He helps business owners scale their companies profitably.  He is an expert at mapping out growth Strategies for companies and then building a sales and marketing machine that delivers against the Strategy, all while making things super simple to understand.
If you’re interested in scaling your own business more profitably by automating your sales and marketing processes, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.

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