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Your Mind Is Full Of Shit

The Biggest thing I have learnt in my Self Discovery journey is that my Mind is full of shit!

You’ve all heard the saying: “You don’t know, What you don’t know”

For the first 39 years of my life , I truly thought I was accessing my potential… Always striving to be more, do more and have more…

However I was running my life from the Mind and this is one of the most limiting things we can do …

WHY? Because your Mind is lying to you … constantly …

Its doing its job … which is to help you Survive

However your Minds conditioning & programming from birth is based on Fear & Lack … (The Human Condition)

When we live from the Mind, we are holding ourselves back from Infinite Wisdom, Power and Potential…

Watch this Video 🎥 to learn more about my awakening

Have an Awesome Day

To your Success, Love and Happiness

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