Married Businessmen who Feel Stuck Trying to Balance their Business, Marriage and Life

Do This "9 Pillar Framework Process" Every Year for the Rest of Your Life...

Dear businessman (husband & father)


If you’ve always wanted everything out of life… 


A business that gives you and your family the good things in life… Instead of always feeling stressed, and having to put work before your wife, kids and your happiness… 


A passionate and intimate marriage with an abundance of love and connection… Instead of drifting apart, arguing over nothing and feeling disconnected. 


A strong mind, with your emotions under control… Instead of getting easily triggered by all the pressure and responsibilities, leaving you anxious and irritable.



From the desk of Greg Gillies

Sunshine Coach, QLD

A healthy body that gives you plenty of energy to show up as your best self every day… Instead of feeling run down and tired all the time. 


A deep sense of spiritual connection, balance and flow… Instead of overthinking and over-worrying about everything external to yourself…

Then this will be the most important message you read today...

Here’s what this is all about: My name is Greg Gillies,


I’ve helped 100s of married businessmen achieve more success, love and happiness. 


And I’ve been doing it for years, with a track record nobody can deny… 


I don’t say this lightly… You see, as you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking, here’s another coach popping up , promising the world with no results to back up my claims.


I don’t blame you. You see a lot of CRAP online today. 


However, I’ve seen first-hand how married businessmen can achieve the success, love & happiness they’ve always desired. No matter where they find themselves in life.


Because I see them follow my methods, which are specifically designed for married businessmen. 


And I watch them grow mentally, physically, and spiritually, which directly impacts their marriage and parenting beyond their imagination.


When it comes to Business, they show up with a new level of energy, confidence, clarity and focus on setting things up for time freedom with their wife and kids… Consistently.


Here are a few words from my clients.

For the first time I can remember, I feel at peace with myself knowing that I am not alone in the daily challenges of life as a husband, father, friend, and business owner but most importantly, I now have the tools to slowly (1% better each day) improve in each of the nine pillars of my life.”

– Ross Glennie – Founder TrussCorp & FitHQ

The work we have done together over the last couple of years has been life changing in so many different ways, my relationships are stronger, I’m healthier, business heading in the right direction, finances and spiritually unstoppable.”

– Tim Walshe – Founder JK Personnel 

Greg, you are such a genuine, impactful and open person, the perfect role model for the type of bloke we are all striving to become. Early on I said to you how great it was to work with someone who seemed to have it all sorted but still openly acknowledged there own ongoing work and shortcomings, a reminder that it is not perfection we are striving for, just incremental improvement, trending in the right direction. Your passion around each pillar, particularly family and love partner will be a permanent reminder to me about what is important.

– Kristin Harper – Founder of HarperCo

You’re about to discover a process that’s helped hundreds of married businessmen have it all…

You see, businessmen approach me when they know deep down something in their life needs to change. 


They’re dissatisfied with their marriage, health, business, and the lack of joy they’re getting out of life.


These men are driven, and they’ve achieved a lot in business.


But something’s missing…


And every single time, I take them through The 9 Pillars of Success, Love & Happiness.


They see exactly what it is … it’s not guesswork.

Over 100 married businessmen have used this framework to become sharper businessmen, show up as the husband their wife is craving and experience true happiness in their heart. 


All my clients SWEAR by this. 


Because for years, they felt disconnected from their feelings and emotions, uptight, easily annoyed and angry… 


To become calm, relaxed, happy and enjoying life’s moments again… 


This finally allows them to feel present and connect with their loved ones again. 


And because they’re less stressed and not dealing with drama in their marriage anymore, they become laser-focused on setting their business up correctly for succession or exit …

This all results in more time, more income, an intimate marriage and transitioning into the next stage of life. 


This is how the 9 pillars work…


However, there is one thing that makes this all possible we haven’t talked about yet… 


Which is: if you want to create ANY positive change in your life and master the 9 pillars of success, love & happiness…


You need to reflect on every pillar of your life FIRST.


Think about it, at the end of every year everyone gets busy writing their new years resolutions, to-do lists, goals and plans.


Yet, 91% of new years resolutions fail… and in Business January’s feel like a blur


Because you need to reflect and assess where you’ve been and where you are NOW before you can attract what you desire.


And for this reason, all my clients (and my biggest transformations) reflect on the 9 pillars of their life every single year. This is the most important process we go through.


And now for the first time, it’s available to you. 



The 9 Pillars of Success, Love & Happiness Framework

The exact process my high-level married businessmen clients go through every year. This is your opportunity to experience the 9 Pillars of Success, Love & Happiness.


And I'm Giving it to You for Free

...This is The First Step After You Realise "Something's Got to Change"

The 9 Pillars of Success, Love & Happiness works by assessing every pillar of your life and getting insights into exactly where you need to focus your time and attention. 


No overthinking.


No overanalysing.


No guesswork.


As you’ll see, every pillar of your life is interconnected…


This means if just ONE of your pillars is out of balance, it will hold back every pillar of your life, and you will feel like something is holding you back. 


This is why it’s so important you identify the pillar(s) holding you back, which this process is designed for!


This process will become a yearly habit in your life. 


All my clients complete this framework yearly to assess, reflect and set new intentions to move forward achieve more with clarity and focus.


This allows these men to conquer their business, marriage, health and life goals. 


Believe me, you’ll feel a weight off your shoulders when you have 100% clarity after you go through this process…


Which will reduce so much stress in your life… fast.


Now, the fact is: this Framework & Life Assessment has been built upon years of my own personal experience, years of working with married businessmen from all walks of life, and spending thousands of dollars on my own education…

Here's Everything You Get Today for Free

You'll get instant access to the 9 Pillars of Success, Love & Happiness Framework

Just think how amazing it will feel to have 100% clarity on where to focus.

Without feeling pulled in 20 different directions. You’ll be sharper, more relaxed, and enjoy more certainty. 

Your wife will definitely notice how much more laid back you are, guaranteed.

You’ll be more present with her, and with your kids too.

And once you have this framework you have it for life. You will revisit this process yearly, which means not another year will go by when you feel overwhelmed and out of balance. You’ll have 100% clarity year after year.

This process is being used by hundreds of married businessmen every year. There’s no doubt it will work for you!

You'll get access to a walkthrough video as I take you through this process

Your process will be 100% customised. Because you’ll have access to me taking you through the entire framework process.

You won’t have to try and figure this process out on your own. You will be going through this process like you’re one of my high-level businessmen clients, which means you can’t do this wrong.

You’ll be able to access this video at any time, anywhere. This means you can do this 60-minute habit every year.

The 9 Pillars of Success, Love & Happiness Framework

The exact process my high-level married businessmen clients go through every year. This is your opportunity to experience the 9 Pillars of Success, Love & Happiness.


And I'm Giving it to You for Free