Why Married Businessmen are 'Cursed' to Experience Burnout, Unfulfillment and an Almost Inevitable Divorce

Don't risk 'Losing it all' before you discover this framework

Dear friend, 

This could be one of the most startling things you read all day, the reality isn’t always pretty, and some of my words may shock you…

But the truth can set you free. If you let it.

First, let me ask you, have you ever wondered why so many married businessmen find themselves with a ‘successful’ business, but still never fulfilled or happy?

Forever moving the goalpost further and further away,

burning themselves out, neglecting their health,

letting disconnection seep into their marriage,

and sometimes even disappointing their children…

Without even realising it.

Or worse… 

Being painfully aware of this reality, but feeling helpless and frustrated to the situation.

This is all SO common, and I know this because…

…It happened to me.

Working so hard to create the finances and lifestyle you so desperately want your family to have … 

And yet its never good enough, its unappreciated, you feel taken for granted and constantly pulled in drama and conflict…

You feel hopeless, you feel angry, you feel stressed, you feel unhealthy, you’re never content, and…

It makes you question everything you've worked so hard for:

Was all the sacrifice worth it?

Am I even happy?

Does my wife still love me? 

Is there more to life than this?

These questions would flood my mind…

most of the time it got so bad I would use alcohol to chase these thoughts away… 

You see, this is so normal for me to talk about because I’ve been there, I’ve fought this fight, 

and I’ve talked to thousands of Men in private who feel like this.

But to society, it’s a very different story. 

Men don’t feel like they can speak up, they’re told to BE MEN, suck it up and put food on the table – or their father had this mentality and it rubbed off on them unconsciously. And eventually, these become our own thoughts that we tell ourselves. 

Now, we believe to achieve the fulfilment, love and happiness we desire and deserve, we need to create more success, safety and security to provide and protect our families.

And this becomes the deep unconscious program that runs us… and we take it waaay too far and become blindly obsessed with success.

Which is the very mindset that holds you back! 

Now, WE FEEL TRAPPED in this cycle. 

We keep fighting, pushing and grinding… hoping that all of this will lead to fulfilment, love, and…


But what do we get?

...Burnout. Divorce. Stress.

And the statistics speak for themselves, 

A recent study showed that 42% of business owners are experiencing burnout, or have within the past month…

And another study shows divorce among entrepreneurs ranges from 43% to 48%…

Could all of this stress also be the cause of men experiencing heart attacks as young as 50 years old? forever leaving their relationships unkindled and their true self and potential unrealised.

This is the ugly truth, and it could have been my truth…

And I don’t blame you or any man for finding themselves in this reality… Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against us. 

And while I don’t believe it’s our fault, it’s our responsibility to change the narrative, and get our priorities straight, before it’s too late.

introducing... The 'frameowrk' that saved me and hundreds of other married businessmen from burnout, divorce and unfulfillment...

The 9 Pillars of Success, Love & Happiness...


The 9 pillars of success, love and happiness is a framework that has been years in the making and has helped me and hundreds of married businessmen, break this vicious cycle, and attain the success, love and happiness we desire in every area of our lives… 

No more sacrificing the most important parts of our lives, to be unconsciously addicted to burnout, stress and unfulfillment.

The Culprit Behind ALL of This...

Dim pillars

You see, I put all my energy into pillars 7 & 8… 

I kept fighting and pushing, and every time I achieved a new level of success, it never felt good enough,

I feared that If I let go of control & focus on pillars 7 & 8 – (Business, Finances and Lifestyle), I would lose my identity, of all my hard work, heck, if every other pillar of my life is a mess, why in the world would I let go of the two pillars that ARE ‘successful’ and I have control over… 

THIS belief kept me stuck. 

I was basically on a hamster wheel, constantly trying to live up to an unconscious idea that wasn’t serving me (If I achieve the success and finances, I will receive the fulfilment, love and happiness I truly desired). 

It almost tore my family apart.

And I’m SO grateful I stopped myself, I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was metaphorically standing right at the edge of a cliff.

...One desperate step away from losing it all

I had to go on my own self-discovery and healing journey… 

There was no other option, the path I was on just wasn’t working out.

I wasn’t happy, I was slowly killing myself… 

It’s along this healing journey that I discovered and formulated the 9 Pillars of Success, Love & Happiness… It was not a complete idea at first.

In fact, It took me years of pain, and thousands of dollars to finally look back and put the pieces together. 

When it comes to the 9 Pillars of Success, Love and Happiness…

Every pillar is interconnected, 

And when you elevate your WEAKEST pillars, you elevate all your pillars.

I know this to be true because I see it all the time. 

When our clients learn about each pillar, get clarity on where they need to focus, and start using the power of ‘habit stacking’, with accountability and the right support system… their life transforms.

Imagine, you rekindle the REAL love with your wife again, because you finally see what’s really ‘going on’ behind the scenes of your disconnection.

And it’s like this instant release of tension – as your wife starts responding to you like she used to when you first got married… 


And it has nothing to do with the marriage or her, you’re just focusing on elevating your weakest pillars with a proven process… 

And when your marriage improves, your stress decreases… 

And couple that with the right mental health education, clarity, habits and support, and you start making smarter decisions in business…

Revenue increases, you’re easy to be around, and your staff feel this new energy and become more productive…

You also feel healthy again, as if you went 10 years back in time because you’re exercising, not overeating due to stress, and you’re sleeping like a baby.

and finally, you realise there is more to life than business success…

And while you DO experience more enjoyment and success in business (That becomes a nice bonus)… your family is as close and connected as it’s ever been… You’re happy dad again.

This is true transformation… and this is the new reality of so many of our clients when they embrace the 9 Pillars of Success, Love and Happiness.

Now, you can go through the same process, step by step.


program intro

Hosted by myself…

Can you imagine what your life and business will look like if you joined a community of businessmen on the same journey as you…

While you follow the same process that took some men from burnout and the brink of divorce,

To having ultimate control and power over their mental, physical and spiritual health – helping them come back into their business feeling inspired, sharper and less stressed,

While also rekindling the love and connection with their wives within a few short months… 

This program is for men who are ready to commit to every area of their life…

This is the next step of your journey… here’s what you can expect from joining the 9 Pillars of Success, Love & Happiness Program:


The 9 Pillars of Success, Love & Happiness Process

Go through the exact week-to-week process I have taken hundreds of married businessmen through to become the best version of themselves and create success, love and happiness in every area of their life. You will get your own login to the online video portal.

an online community of married businessmen mastering the 9 pillars

Become apart of a close community of like-minded married businessmen who are mastering their 9 pillars of success, love & happiness.

Weekly Q&A with Greg

Every week we jump on a live 1-hour video call to answer your questions and discuss important topics that will help you become the best version of yourself. 

What you will experience:

Week 1: Introduction

This first week is all about setting intentions and getting you set up for the next 10 weeks of growth… You will get access to the community, invited to the next live call and your first action items for the 9 Pillar of Success, Love & Happiness.

Week 2: Mental Health

Learn how the brain works, how it’s programmed, and how to reprogram it for great success in life.

Week 3: Physical Health

You learn how the Body functions, how the Mind controls your body, and how healing your body can transform your life.

Week 4: Spiritual Health

Learn about true Spirituality, what it really means, and how to intentionally create and manifest your desired life into existence.

Week 5: Love Partner

You will learn emotional triggers, behaviours, and common struggles in our closest relationships, you’ll also learn how to prioritize and improve your love and connection.

Week 6: Parenting & Family

You will learn you are the conduit between your family and family of origin, why its important for you to elevate these relationships as a role model.

Week 7: Friends & Interests

Learn how important it is to build and maintain these pillars, why its key to longevity, and the importance of support networks and belonging.

Week 8: Business & Career

You will learn key fundamentals of Business and Success and how to prioritize your life and time to create the freedom you desire.

Week 9: Finances & Lifestyle

You will learn that Money is energy, the mindset of Money, and how to attract more of it so you can create the lifestyle you desire.

Week 10: Impact & Legacy

You will learn why this pillar is the combination of all other pillars in your journey to self-mastery and serving at a higher level of impact and legacy.

These married businessmen were once in your shoes, and they made the leap, and now, they're new men... They've always had it in them, just like YOU do, they just needed the right system and support.

married businessmen who have embraced the 9 pillars of success, love and happiness

See below what other married businessmen have said going through the 9 Pillars of Success, Love & Happiness

👌 “The emotional roller coaster that is the Evolved CEO experience, is nothing but life changing. Tracey & Greg I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me, and for what you are doing in general. You have to be proud. You are with out a doubt the most inspiring couple I have ever met and I take my hat off to you both” …

Steen Zimmermann

👉 “Tracey and Greg, the work we have done together over the last couple of years has been life changing in so many different ways, my relationships are stronger, I’m healthier, business heading in the right direction, finances and spiritually unstoppable.”…

Kristin Harper

Kristian Livolsi – Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Business Advisor, Author & Writer for Entrepreneur.com

Brian Czekanski – Husband, Father, Businessmen & Copywriter

Kirston Rafferty – Father & Businessmen in Electrical and Solar

Kristin Harper – Partner, Father, CEO of Harper Co, Entrepreneur in Digital Transformations

Glenn Marvin – Husband, Father, Serial Entrepreneur & CEO of Konnector

Ashley Churcher – Father, Digital Transformation Consultant 

Justin Wallace – Husband, Father, Consultant & CEO of The Irrigation Shop

Merwin Davies – Partner, Digital Marketing & MarComs Expert

Edward Suanders – Father, Entrepreneur, Property Developer 

🙌 “To Greg & Tracey, words cannot express how much I thank you for what you have created with the Evolved program, to take your life experiences and dedicate the time and energy to create something that will positively impact so many people, is just inspiring so thank you”

Ross Glennie

🙏 “Greg, you are such a genuine, impactful and open person, the perfect role model for the type of bloke we are all striving to become. Early on I said to you how great it was to work with someone who seemed to have it all sorted but still openly acknowledged there own ongoing work and shortcomings, a reminder that it is not perfection we are striving for, just incremental improvement, trending in the right direction. 

Tim Walshe

Dimitri Pixomatis – Husband, Father & CEO of PixoPainting Services

Jeremy McDonald – Husband, Father & CEO of WalkerBai Consulting – Engineering Building Services

Richard Haby – Father, CEO & Entrepreneur in eCommerce & Trampolines

Glenn Marvin – Husband, Father, Serial Entrepreneur & CEO of Konnector

David Reeve – Husband, Father & Senior Mining Executive

Menno Nentjes – Partner, Father & CEO of Persosa Landscaping 

Louis Swart – Serial Entrepreneur & Multiple Company Founder 

Genna Raber – Husband, Father & CEO of Myriad Projects & Construction

Brent Ferrier – Father, Entrepreneur in Plumbing and Fire Protection


Husband, father of 3, entrepreneurial businessman, healer, coach, mentor, business consultant, and intuitive advisor…

After 20+ years of hustle, grind, success, and failures climbing the corporate ladder, then working even harder to build my own businesses…

I found myself with a lot of materialistic success, and on the outside, everything looked great, but on the inside, I felt like something was missing. I wasn’t happy, never fulfilled, and spiralled into more confusion about what my real purpose was…

I had achieved so much but still wasn’t happy… I felt stuck and lost, and to deal with all the stress, pressure, and noise in my mind, I worked harder and harder whilst using alcohol to switch off…

Then I hit the lowest point of my life mentally, spiralling into burnout and breakdown! I finally surrendered and opened myself up to a different kind of help!

This led to a deep internal journey of healing, alignment, and spiritual work that completely opened me up to my truth and transformed my whole life.

By continuing to heal my inner world, mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually I have unlocked my intuitive gifts and divine purpose in life… 

I now combine my healing, intuitive gifts, and advisory services to help growth CEOs & founders find their inner truth, peace, alignment, and happiness so they can expand beyond their business accomplishments, identity, and material possessions!


The 9 Pillars of Success, Love & Happiness 10 Week Program is expensive. And the results you will experience are life-changing and will LAST a lifetime. The next step is to schedule a call with me personally to see if you’re a good fit for our program and community. I look forward to speaking with you.

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