Evolved CEO | Episode 4 | Spiritual Health, Soul, and Energy

“When we understand, heal, and increase our energetic vibration, and we truly start living intentionally and understanding that everything has to be created in the spiritual before it can show up in the physical, we have this superpower to create a life beyond our mind or our ego’s comprehension.”

In today’s episode of The Evolved CEO, we will discuss the three dimensions of existence: physical, mental, and spiritual. When we can look past the obvious and think in terms of all three dimensions, we will be able to see that our lives are bigger than we think. And when we comprehend this truth, it will be easier for us to create a life beyond what we can conceive. How can your business benefit from a deeper understanding of how humans operate and what motivates them?

Learn more about yourself, your spirituality, and how you can help better these dimensions by listening to this episode! Don’t miss out, and share this with a friend!


(00:42) The first three dimensions

(02:21) Understanding manifestation and the process of elimination

(03:56) How to make the spiritual side of things works through intention

(06:35)How to create these very high spiritual, healing, connection and multidimensional gifts

(07:00) Tracy’s journey through holistic kinesiology

(11:00) Developing a spiritual muscle

(19:57) How being stuck directly correlates to your energetic vibration 

(22:57)  Ideas on how to start thinking about spiritual health habits

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