Health & Healing Evolved CEO | Episode 1 | Greg and Tracey’s Story

“Our mission is to help these high-level, influential business people and leaders truly open themselves up to their own truth, expand beyond their business accomplishments, their life, and their relationships, and truly see what life is like when you access your true highest spiritual potential.” – Greg Gillies.

This is the first episode of Evolved CEO, a podcast about health and healing, with your host, Tracey, and Greg Gillies. They will share their story of how they went through a personal transformation and journey that led them to become experts in energy work and health coaching. They discuss how spiritual practices can help us access our highest potential, as well as the challenges faced when moving from one level of growth to another.

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(00:55) Greg’s Life Growing Up

(3:00) What happened to Greg after he moved to Singapore and lost his contract?

(5:36) The biggest turning point in Gregs’ life

(07:40) Traceys’ Suffering

(10:13) What is holographic kinetics?

(13:00) Opening up the ultimate pandora’s box.

(14:15) What we’re going to talk about in this Podcast

(16:15) Why do you need to open yourself up to your own truth?

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