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Evolved CEO | Episode 9 |The Highs and Lows of Business

Consciousness is being aware of yourself and your environment, but it’s hard for high-achieving business leaders to become fully conscious when they are carrying so much pressure and stress in their roles. So, how do you maintain upright confidence and consciousness as a business leader?

In this week’s episode of The Evolved CEO podcast, your host, Greg, and Tracey Gillies, talk about how to become a conscious leader. They also discuss the levels of leadership and how to determine a leader’s consciousness.

Tune in now and learn more about how to become a conscious leader!


(00:56) What Is Consciousness and How Does It Work?

(02:58) Overwhelming Situations of Leaders

(08:11) The Concept of Fight and Flight

(09:53) How Does Pre-loaded Level Work?

(12:36) Elevating Others Comes at a Cost to Human Interaction

(14:38) Vulnerability: Weakness or Strength?

(16:47) Being Alert and Fully Present Leader

(24:35) How Do You Live  In Fearlessness?

(26:52) Becoming Highly Conscious of Yourself

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